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Dealer for organic spray-in-place polyicynene foam.
Country: United States

House painting contractor specializing in organic, GreenGuard and LEED certified paints for interior painting, exterior painting and custom painting. Eco G Painters is committed to eco-friendly practices and uses Greenguard-certified and LEED qualified paints for interiors and exteriors.
Country: United States

Handan Tianmu Chemicals Co., Ltd is one of the leading chemical manufacturers in China.We are professionally engaged in research, production, export business of basic chemical raw materials and related business. Our company specializes in producing basic Inorganic and Organic Chemical products. They are widely used in dye, leather,abstersion,feedstuff additives and so on. Depending on our excellent product quality, good after-sale services, we won the trust of domestic and foreign customers.We export to west of Europe, USA,Korea,Japan,Australia,Canada and Southeast Asia and etc, more than 100 countries and regions.
Country: China

At Float Glass Design we are passionate about glass and we thrive on exploring its creative potential to produce stunning glass installations. We specialize in kiln form glass, also known as textured glass, creating fluid, organic textures enhanced by the natural green of the glass, and coloured kiln form glass full of rich vibrant colour. As one of the top independent architectural art glass companies in the U.K. we can design, manufacture and supply decorative and structural glass for a diverse range of projects from partition screens for commercial interiors to one-off art commissions. With our wealth of technical expertise, innovative design ideas and direct hands-on approach we are able to offer a complete personal service to architects, designers, contractors and individual clients from conception to site assessment, design development, and bespoke production right through to installation.

“Planning to reduce your energy dependency and lower your heating bills? First conserve what you have. Before spending on high efficiency mechanical equipment, ensure you conserve the heat you do produce, the energy you do use. High quality HVAC equipment will not be efficient for as long as the air you heat or cool seeps out through your walls. Seal your building envelope with EcoLogic Spray Foam insulation and conserve your energy. First conserve with EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation.” “The first step in improving your energy efficiency is to control your internal environment. EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation does this better than every other material on the market. Having sealed your building envelope, your climate control equipment; furnace, air conditioner and air purifier, can be reduced in size, saving you money in purchase and in on going expenses. First Conserve, with EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation.” Why Choose Ecologic? 1. Ecologic Creates Thermal Resistance R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance. With an R-Value of 7 per inch, it provides the highest thermal resistance of any insulation product available on the market today. 2. Ecologic Creates A Cost Savings Air Barrier In order to prevent the transfer of heat energy, insulation must stop convective air movement. EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation forms a monolithic, continuous air tight barrier. Applied as a hot liquid, it instantly reacts and expands to create an impermeable, continuous, air tight seal which exceeds by 500 times, the national building code requirements for air barriers. 3. Ecologic Creates A Vapour Barrier The Canadian National Building Code (NBC) recognizes EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation as a Vapour Barrier. This is due to its closed cell structure. It accomplishes this without any gaps as it forms a perfect seal against the substrate onto which it is sprayed. 4. Ecologic Creates Structural Rigidity and Integrity EcoLogic Foam creates a closed cell structure when it reacts at application. This adds to the structural rigidity of the wall onto which it is sprayed and increases its racking and sheering strength by 300%. This results in a vastly stronger structure, which will last for years. 5. Ecologic Improves Indoor Air Quality EcoLogic Spray Foam creates an air-tight structure preventing dust, moisture and mold from entry. EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation does not contain formaldehyde, bleach, or any other VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) where other forms of insulation like Fiberglass and Cellulose do. EcoLogic foam is recommended by Pulmonologists and allergists for those who suffer from Asthma and Allergies to improve their living environments. 6. Ecologic Improves Noise Attenuation Whether it be outdoor noise, mechanical noise from your HVAC equipment, or a home theater you wish to isolate from the rest of your living environment, no other product possesses the ability to absorb airborne noise like EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation. In noise critical applications, such as home theaters, where a significant reduction in sound transference is required, EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation forms a foundational component of a noise isolating wall system. 7. Ecologic Is Environmentally Friendly EcoLogic Foam is made from Soybean oil and recycled plastic bottles. It is the ONLY Spray Foam Insulation product available in Canada that utilizes a Zero Ozone Depletion Substance (Zero ODS) blowing agent. The use of our foam has no negative impact on the Ozone or your living environment. A building that is insulated with EcoLogic Foam will also use up to 80% less energy. 8. Ecologic Is Builder Friendly Because EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation is installed as a direct replacement to fiberglass batts, it is installed in the same sequence as traditional insulation, and requires no alteration to your building plans. For builders, there is no need to schedule any additional time for installation or make adjustments for its use, unlike ICF or SIP buildings. 9. Ecologic Is Cost Effective EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation is a vastly superior product to Fiberglass, Cellulose and Rigid foam. Because of the equipment and training required, EcoLogics professional installation will add incrementally to the overall cost of your building. When you consider the savings you will reap in the following areas, EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation is not only a sound financial decision, it is the only one: ■ Reduce the size of your HVAC equipment by 40%. Because your home is so much more efficient, you do not need or want heating and cooling equipment sized for a standard house. Because smaller units are significantly cheaper you have a direct up-front cost offset to the investment in EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation. ■ Increase the value of your home by 3 or 4 times your investment in EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation. According to the Home Appraisers Journal “A homes value increases $20 for every $1 of annual energy savings.” In a world of rapidly rising energy costs, your savings will only grow in the years you own your home. ■ Additional financial incentives are available through a variety of rebate programs offered at the federal and provincial levels as well as through Manitoba Hydro. See our incentives page for more. ■ Direct savings month after month. While the added cost of EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation may increase your mortgage payment by $10 - $20 per month, you will enjoy several hundreds of dollars monthly in energy savings, plus lower your impact on the environment and reduce the strain on our depleting resources.
Country: Canada